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Eventually, you'll probably realize that living on campus costs a lot and gives you very little space or amenities.

Welcome to the rest of your life.


[edit] Types of places

  • Furnished apartments - The most similar thing to on-campus housing. You rent the apartment, and you get all of the furniture you'd need along with it.
  • Apartments - Most people start off in one of these. Apartment complexes are owned and operated by various companies. In Atlanta, there are a few companies that manage multiple locations, such as Post, Walton, and Jasmine. Most apartments are flats, but you can find rented townhouses as well.
  • Private landlords - Most of what you find in Home Park is privately-owned houses that the owner rents out.
  • Condos - Condos are purchased, not rented, so this is only an option if you have the money for a down payment and mortgage. When you move out, it will be your job to sell it.

[edit] How to find them

[edit] Apartments

Promove is your best bet, and is free. Visit them in person (it's much harder over the phone), and they'll ask questions about what you're looking for in terms of locations, size, price, etc. They'll pull a bunch of listings for you to look at, and will call the places for you to find out current availability and prices. Then you go visit them on your own. When you pick one and sign a lease, say Promove referred you, and Promove gets the referral bonus.

[edit] Private landlords

[edit] Roommate / open rooms

[edit] Places frequently used by GT students

[edit] Furnished apartments

[edit] Apartments

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